Emmett Moore's Reviews About International Trading Websites are LIES

Emmett Moore, Professional Liar and Con-Artist   Emmett Moore's mid-life crisis isn't a Ferrari. Rather, it's to flagrantly assault international trading websites .  He hides behind his shitty, circa-2001 laptop, making egregious and false accusations about the validity of respected international trading brands, as if he's a trusted source. No. Emmett Moore doesn't have the balls or background to assess the merit of aglets, much less notable brands.  Emmett Moore is a coward and a bully, right up there with Cheeto Jesus, and gives ex-cons a bad name. Conversely, if any international trading site were to pay him 5K or more, he'd happily give them a 5-star review, plus an invitation to his weekly circle jerk at his dank bachelor apartment in Florida. Hard pass. Simultaneously, I'd rather have a colonoscopy and a second circumcision.  Do you agree?  
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